Posted by Kevin on Oct 03, 2019

In October, around the time this website goes live, I will be turning 50.  The past year has been the most tumultuous one of my life, and here I land as a freshly minted Divorced Mother of two teenage girls and out of work.  I also have a one-eyed cockatiel, a macaw with scoliosis, and a deaf 13 year-old little white fluffy dog.  Over the Summer, I announced to my little flock that it was time for Mommy to follow her dreams:  I started Pink Parrot Productions, providing Workshops and Field Trips for Homeschoolers.  The work is not new - I was with Ocean Grove Charter School putting on Field Trips for Homeschoolers for the last 10 years.  I love the work and I knew I wanted to continue it - but on my own terms.  Clearly the flock approved - they all sit here with me as I write this, napping (except for Phil the Cockatiel who is ringing his bell and singing to encourage me to write more).  And so it is with great pride and joy that I finally hatch this thing - Pink Parrot Productions LLC is LIVE!  So follow me on this Educational Adventure into the world and beyond the classroom.  Let your Adventure in Education Take Flight by perusing the website, checking out our offerings, and SIGNING UP for some fantastic educational fun!  Be sure to spread the word and let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas, and keep in mind that I am always open to doing custom, private workshops and/or field trips for your group of learners. Spread your wings for take-off!!