Pink Parrot Productions began as the dream of a Crazy Bird Lady who loved planning field trips.

Julia Keller began working for Ocean Grove Charter School as a credentialed teacher in 2009 - the school is based on a model of Personalized Education at Home - aka Home School. Julia loved the Homeschool Community and eventually started planning all of the Field Trips and group events for the school - anytime students got together to learn, Julia was likely involved. By the time she left Ocean Grove in 2019, she had hosted almost 200 Field Trips (yes, you read that right - almost 200) all over California and beyond.

Her dream was to start her own company which specialized in Homeschool Workshops and Field Trips, and in the Summer of 2019, she decided it was time to make the jump. Pink Parrot Productions was born.  After Covid-19 hit in the Spring of 2020, Julia decided to pivot the company to offer Homeschool Services as well.

Why Pink Parrot? Julia’s full time staff includes a Severe Macaw (Chico) and two cockatiels (Butter and Phillip) - they love running across the keyboard of the computer, yelling “Hello” during phonecalls, and in general, being very helpful to the business. They occasionally have some part-timers as well - foster birds that come and live with them while awaiting a forever home through Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue. Are any of them pink? Not yet. But Julia is not ruling out hiring a full-time Moluccan or Gallah or Major Mitchell Cockatoo down the line.